Our Services


    PE4K Childcare provide an extensive service in early years care and education, including an extensive preschool program and all your child’s daily requirements.


    At PE4K we believe it is important to have qualified, friendly and enthusiastic educators caring for your child.

    All of our team work together to provide a safe, stimulating, educational environment that gives all our families confidence in knowing that our children receive the highest standard of care and education.

    Training and Education is one of our highest values and we strongly support our educators staying up to date with current educational practices and innovative ways to incorporate learning into our daily curriculum for the children.


    The program that our team have developed adheres to the guidelines set by both the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

    The framework provides an opportunity for educators to work towards:

    • A clear focus on children’s learning and wellbeing
    • A shared language for curriculum in the early childhood field
    • A base for planning, promoting and assessing learning
    • Improved quality in early childhood settings
    • Cultural security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families
    • Including families and communities in children’s learning

    The team develop an educational program, observe the children in their care and plan the curriculum around the needs and interest of each individual child.


    During the day the children are provided with stimulating experiences which develops the skills required for school.

    In addition to a nurturing environment and full educational curriculum we provide:

    • Nutritious meals and snacks (breakfast also available)
    • Nappies, bottles and formula (discuss your requirements with the team)
    • Drink cups for all ages (no drink bottles necessary)
    • Sunscreen
    • All cot sheets and linen


    Our cooks deliver a home cooked style menu, following the nutritional guidelines for children as provided by the NSW Department of Health, Caring for Children.

    We provide fresh fruit, vegetables and a serve of protein every day. We also cater for allergies, intolerance and lifestyle preferences the children may have.

    Our menu is situated in the front foyer so you can see what your child will be eating for the day.

    Alternative meals including a vegetarian alternative is available to meet the needs of children as required. These continue to meet nutritional and dietary guidelines.

    We acknowledge that the energy needs and appetites vary from child to child. Some children will need more than the average amounts set out in the NSW Department of Health guidelines, therefore we continue to focus on the individual needs of your child.

    The number of serves of each type of food is the minimum recommended to meet the nutritional needs of children in care when one main meal and two snacks are provided.

    Beef/Lamb: Lean red meat is included on the menu at least 4 times per fortnight

    Chicken/Fish/Pork/Veal: Lean white meat is included on the menu at least 3 times per fortnight

    Vegetarian Meals: A vegetarian meal is included on the menu at least 2 times per fortnight

    Iron-Containing Foods: On each day that a white meat and vegetarian meal is served, at least 1 other iron containing food is included in the menu

    Dairy Foods: The menu includes all your child’s neseccary diary requirements per day

    Vegetables & Fruit:

    • The menu includes at least 2 serves of vegetables daily
    • The menu includes at least 1 serve of fruit daily
    • Fruit juice, if served, is diluted and limited to once per day

    Breads, Cereals, Rice & Pasta:

    • The menu includes at least 2 serves of bread, cereal, rice or pasta foods per day
    • High fibre varieties(multigrain, wholemeal, white high fibre) are included at least 4 times per fortnight


    • Snacks are planned on the menu as part of the total days intake of dairy foods per day
    • At each snack time a bread/cereal-based food appears on the menu
    • Vegetable or fruit is included if necessary to meet the recommended daily number of serves