The PE4K Childcare Story

PE4K Ashmont, PE4K Forest Hill and PE4K Lake Albert are owned by families with children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

For this reason we place a high emphasis on creating a nurturing environment where children enjoy special relationships with their educators and each other. We do this because we know these relationships are central to every area of your child’s development, enhances their self-esteem and their ability to learn – all of which contribute to their future quality of life.

We also value our relationships with you. We take time to really listen to you, and our educators take every opportunity to share information about your child’s day with you. This ensures that children are kept safe and their care and educational needs are fully met.

We place importance on creating high quality educational programs that are delivered by outstanding educators in a ways that nurtures children’s innate wonder and curiosity about the world and its creatures, and engenders an enthusiasm for learning that will remain with them throughout their lives.